India’s only company which provides facial recognition technology cross platform. Our algorithms are optimised to work on edge computing devices as well as on cloud platform. To support business to build their application, we also have Face Recognition API that can be quickly integrated into your product and services to give safe, speedy and secure authentication.

Face Detect

Detect a faces in image or video, which is ideally the first towards any Facial Recognition application. More attributes coming soon.

Multiple Face Detection

Detect multiple faces in an image or video for Facial Recognition application.

Face Compare

Compare two faces from image or video to check if how similar it is to each other. Ideally its 1:1 comparison or 1:N depending upon the application.

Face Landmarks (Coming Soon)

Based on the application, Face Landmarks are detected for identifying features of the face. They are unique to every face.

Face Recognition

Identify a face from the trained dataset created for the application and generate required action once recognised.

Face Track (coming soon)

Once Face Detect API detects a face, for selected application, it is necessary to capture the movement or track that face in multiple frames or video.

Use Cases

Applications Of FaceAPI

There are various applications industries can put our FaceAPI to its use. Some out of many such applications are listed below. Contact us today to understand more how facial recognition can benefit society.


Face recognition can work as a means of access control to ensure that only authorized individuals get into facilities like pharmaceutical labs, bank safe vaults, government offices, hotel kitchens and other restricted locations.


In addition to making schools safer, face recognition has the potential to track students’ attendance.Traditionally, teachers take attendance manually by calling each name and roll numbers. They spend nearly 60mins daily for such activity which can be automated using facial recognition. But our Facial Recognition API is ready to use platform for face recognition to ensure students aren’t skipping class, buddy punching.


Its only a matter of time, that facial recognition will be present everywhere you visit for shopping. Face recognition has the ability to make advertising more targeted by understand shopper attributed that include age, gender and emotion. This can help retail chain companies plan marketing campaign and attain better ROI as compared to traditional retail business.


Flyer checkin has been the same since ages, the amount of time required to collect the boarding pass to getting the bags checked is annoying. Airlines have already started testing facial recognition to accelerate the process of flyer check-in to on-boarding the flights. It seems like air travel is going to get a paradigm shift giving flyer a very pleasant flying experience.


Facial Recognition using CCTV Cameras are becoming main stream in public place. City Police Authorities are using facial recognition technology to identify individual from a safe distance. The police can identify criminals by matching the database photos to understand the movement and plan for reinforcement.

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