Come with easy-to-plug-in module

EDGEPro hardware will come with easy to plug in module that enables on-board processing for real-time AI inferencing. It can connect to any CCTV Cameras in the market and brings intelligence closer to the source.


EDGEPro Attendance

Facial recognition and identification systems are widely accepted and used for
various applications. With high paced technology advancement along with
highly efficient deep learning algorithms, Facial Recognition accuracy has
reached near 100%. Know More

What We Do?

In places in schools, manufacturing and large corporate companies, there are thousands of people entering and exiting at the same time. At manufacturing companies, number of employees range from 200 to 3000 with various shifts. Companies spends anywhere between 45mins to 60mins per day per shift for attendance using traditional methods. Annually they waste around 18,000 hours from the productivity, which create a huge impact of finances of the company. Additionally, one resource is always busy checking the time logs and to see if there are any errors and buddy punching.

At EDGENeural.ai™️, we bring an innovative solution to increase the productivity and efficiency of everyone. We are trying to make attendance marking as a background task rather than mainstream. Using EGDEPro hardware, we deploy our proprietary Facial Recognition algorithms powered by AI to identify people while they walk inside the building. Our solution integrates with CCTV Cameras that are installed at the entry and exit and continuously identify people. With EDGEPro all of the processing happen locally and only the attendance logs are sent on the cloud for attendance management and payroll.

EDGEPro Attendance



Automatically mark attendance with Face


Touch-Free and Hygienic


Multiple Face Identification


3x faster than traditional biometric devices


Save Time


Real-Time Attendance Tracking


Centralised Cloud Dashboard


On-Premise Processing with EDGEPro GPU accelerated hardware


Integrate with existing HCM or HRMS software for Attendance & Payroll Software


Personal Safety Powered By AI

The safety of employees in the workplace is integral to any business, and with tighter government legislation, workers are better protected by the law than ever before. Nevertheless, workplace accidents still pose a serious threat to businesses’ financial viability.

EdgePRO PPE is a smart way to protect your employees at the workplace. Research indicates that 81% of respondents agree that AI increases accuracy in identifying potential dangers and helps the company make better profits.

Challenges At Workplace

Performed Manually

The problem with controlling the use of PPE is that it’s performed manually with a visual inspection. This method involves a resource to be continuously monitoring the workers making it slow and expensive, which leads to frequent mistakes, that can affect both the employees and the company.

Difficult To Enforce

Companies may well have extensive rules and regulations governing the use of such equipment, but it can be difficult to enforce correct usage. No matter how many times you run through safety drills or training talks, some workers will always forget basic precautions, including their PPE.

You do not need to monitor the situations manually or appoint workers to identify potential dangers. It reduces your burden and responsibility and makes surveillance much more accessible.

It is ideal for the following:

1. Entrances
2. Controlled Areas
3. Compliance Audit
4. Vehicles

In Brief

How It Works

Research indicates that 81% of respondents agree that AI increases accuracy in identifying potential dangers and helps the company make better profits. EDGENeural.ai™ has developed an artificial intelligence solution based on computer vision, to assist in maintaining PPE compliance and ensure all safety measures are well in function. The system recognises the protective equipment taken by the workers, it improves safety at employees’ workplace and increases overall productivity and regulatory compliance while saving both time and money.

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